Moonshine Creek Quarter Horses
Moonshine Creek Quarter Horses

Wes and Brandi Duvall
3204 River Road
Pottsville, AR 72858

About Us

Moonshine Creek Quarter Horses is a small farm, nestled in the River Valley of Arkansas, where we have developed a breeding program that emphasizes Blue Valentine. We line breed Blue Valentine and outcross on a variety of bloodlines through our mares.

Moonshine Creek strives to produce top quality quarter horses that will excel on the ranch, in the arena, or just out for a pleasure ride. Emphasis on conformation, ample bone structure, athletic ability, and most of all, unbelievable dispositions in our foals is our top priority. Our goal is to raise the type of foal that a person will love to be around and enjoy working with inside or outside the arena.

Moonshine Creek’s mares carry a variety of pedigrees which include Blue Valentine, Fox Coup, Leo Hancock
Hayes, Gooseberry, Doc Bar, Blondys Dude, Two Eyed Jack, OK Star, Bert, and King. As it was with Charless Bewley, and my father back when I was a boy, we believe in honesty and let our horses do their own talking when we have visitors on the farm. If you are ever passing through Arkansas, feel free to stop and visit us, our gate is always open.

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